Why LunarDrake?

So I know what you're thinking: "There are hundreds of service teams out there, why LunarDrake?" The hundreds of service teams you'll find are incredible. Every single one of them is PACKED with incredible artists and renouned talent. I'd like to be able to say that LunarDrake will provide you the caliber of service I would put my reputation on the line for, but that's what all service teams can proudly say. We at LunarDrake are not here for the capital, we're not here for the idea of rising the ranks of this saturated economy, we're here because we genuinely love what we do and have a passion for spreading that joy. I hope you can join us in our quest to bring creativity and enthusiasm back into the Minecraft world, and beyond.

All purchases that go through LunarDrake will be done through the LunarDrake exclusive middleman or a reputable external middleman. We only accept Paypal through Friends and Family, but are willing to be flexible to meet our customers' demands.

Appeal Process

Though in our collective history of five or so years we have not had to invoke this policy, a customer may appeal to a higher member of staff in LunarDrake if their freelance work is not up to the quality we stand by. This appeal is taken very seriously and is there to make our customers feel comfortable.