LunarDrake, the Story

LunarDrake is not your average service team. We're not doing this for the small percentage we take, which could be counted with your fingers. We're doing this because we have a passion and a love for Minecraft and freelancing, and we put our hearts and souls breathing life into your project.

LunarDrake's Portfolio

  • Development

    World-class software engineers working tirelessly on the automation of your dream.

  • Management

    Shaking hands, making deals, and getting you in contact with who you need to know to succeed.

  • Design

    Creative, collaborative, and wildly innovative artists ready to hire and spin gold.

LunarDrake's Process

"We do what we do because we love what we do. Our process is reflective of our undying dedication to customer service and satisfaction."

  • 5,000+ Advertisement Pool
  • 12 Server Configurators
  • 9 Videographers
  • 13 Developers
  • 19 Designers

Though we officially organized and launched on August 13th, we have been informally working since as early as 2014! LunarDrake has always managed to bring the best of the best in all fields into one room to create a strong interdisciplinary environment. Our process involves an initial drafting procedure that funnels into our freelancers' individual hands. After easily creating an order form, a freelancer will contact you in mere minutes, and an invoice will reach you even sooner. After that, we go into hardware mode. Our freelancers will spend their waking moments dedicated to your project, and regularily update you with responses and improvements. You will receive one full-scale revision if needed, and then you stay in our watch-list to monitor our creations growth and evolution! We take your order, process your order, complete your order, and then take the time to watch it grow to your desired fruition.


Glad to hear it! LunarDrake would love to have you, and placing an order is easy!
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